Neteller Crypto Exchange

NETELLER allows conversion of 28 international currencies to cryptocurrencies within its app, putting an end to the requirement to use any exchanges.
Online wallet and internet payment provider NETELLER is now presenting its users buying and selling right away crypto coins, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin.

 The interesting factor is NETELLER’s obligation to deliver conversion solution of 28 fiat currencies to virtual currencies via its app, likely eradicating the currently troublesome process of signing up on crypto exchanges, or peer-to-peer platforms, or going to a bitcoin ATM, to acquire or dispose of funds.


Now SpinnerChief is the sole spinner that has both a desktop and a web version! The web version delivers most of the applications of the Desktop version, you can both auto and manually spin in SpinnerChief Web just as you can with SpinnerChief Desktop version.


With SpinnerChief Web you can now make use of SpinnerChief anywhere; currently you can not only use SpinnerChief on your desktop pc, but even you use it on your MacBook, Ipad and Android System etc. With one application, you can also use together the Desktop and the Web Version, there is no extra cost to use the web version!

Bitcoin Blackjack Guide

new litecoin logo Before you settle into a bitcoin blackjack table, you should review our summary of the rules for this fun and exciting game. This guide also includes strategy tips that will help you succeed at playing Black Jack LTC.

Blackjack Rules
When you play blackjack your ambition is to acquire a hand value total as close to 21 as is feasible, or to be more specific, get closer to 21 compared to the casino dealer (in case you get 21 or more you are “busted”).
The ideal hand is Blackjack, ie when the sum of the worth of the first two cards placed is precisely 21.
You play only against a dealer and not against other players.
Live blackjack played with 8 decks of cards As in a normal Vegas gambling house.
The dealer “stands” always on 17.
You can Twice your bets after you acquire the 2 initial cards.
The initial cards of the same value are divided.
Only one Split per hand is possible.
Single card for every single divided Axis.
It is not available to double after the division.
Insurance is offered if the dealer’s first card is an ace.
Blackjack pays 3: 2.
The insurance pays 2: 1.
In the event of a tie, the game is stopped.

when you play live bitcoins blackjack, you are able to watch the dealer and the table’s surroundings/

The action is worked on a cards table by a dealer and can host up to 7 players.
Eight regular 52-card decks are used in the game. The figures of the cards are as follows:

Cards numbered 2 to 10 are counted the shown number.
The figures (Jack, Queens, and King) are counted as 10.
The aces are measured as 1 or 11, dependant upon which value is most advantageous to the hand.
Realize that, in a soft hand, the Ace is counted as 11.
Once the time period available for wagering has lapsed, the dealer deals a face-up card to each player.
The dealing of cards starts from the first player to the left of the dealer and continues clockwise until returning to the dealer.
At this point, the dealer distributes the second card to every player and places a blanket in front of him. The value of each initial hand is displayed future to the cards.

In case that the value of the two opening cards is 211, you have a Blackjack!

In the case the dealer’s face up card is an ace, you get the option of buying insurance to balance the odds that Blackjack is a dealer, whether or not you yourself have a Blackjack. The insurance sum is equal to one half of your main stake and the insurance bet is set independently from your hand stake. The dealer then peeks at the value of his cover card to verify for Blackjack. If not, the game proceeds.
If the dealer has Blackjack and you do not, the dealer’s hand wins. If both you and the dealer got Blackjack, the game is even and the bet is paid back to you.
Note that if the dealer’s face up card is a ten or a figure, you will not be allowed to buy the insurance and the dealer will not be able to look at his hidden card to examine if he has a Blackjack…

End Result
Any time the sum of your hand surpasses 21 it means you have “busted” and in that hand, you drop your bet.
In the end, the players have passed, the dealer discovers his card face down. The dealer must ask for a card in a hand with a value of 16 or more and must remain in a soft hand of 17 or higher.
You win if the value of your final hand is closer to 21 than that of the bank or if the bank flaps. If the value of your hand is equal to that of the dealer, the game is frozen and the bet is returned to you.
Blackjack beats a hand of 21 which includes three or more cards. Blackjack also beats a 21-handed hand from a split pair.
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“don’t ask don’t tell” policy for US Bitcoin Players

With the closing of the dear SealsWithClubs, PokerShibes is presently the oldest continually-operating cryptocurrency poker site around. Naturally, bitcoin has been adopted by many online gambling operators, and numerous bitcoin poker sites are now available for players around the world. Though it can be tricky to find a poker room that accepts US players, they can start playing in less than an hour after reading this post

Bitcoin is also very good news for American players, as it allows them to play poker anonymously and with fast deposit and withdrawal timeframes.

Most bitcoin poker sites do not accept players from the US officially. However, since the registration is anonymous, only your registration IP can tell your location.

The real policy of bitcoin and LTC poker sites is  “don’t ask don’t tell”


Old School cfd trading

Contracts for difference, or ‘CFDs’, are a simple and cost-efficient method to trade on a wide variety of financial markets without having to own the underlying asset.
What are the advantages of trading CFD? The advantages of trading CFDs include the ability to go long and short, the ability to place long and short-term trades, instant execution, leverage and tight spreads.
If you want to speculate on various markets- Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are an investment vehicle worth considering. These are geared products meaning that you can obtain exposure to securities that far exceed the margin payment required to make a trade. CFDs are derivatives where in effect a tradeable contract is made between a client and a broker. When the contract expires, the client and the broker exchange the difference in the current value of the security. Unlike when you own an underlying security such as a share, a CFD enables you to ‘go short’ and bet on a fall in the price of a security rather it increasing in value.

CFD Trading allows traders to go long or short on Indices, Stocks, Commodities bonds, currencies ETFs and other financial instruments
Find the best CFDs brokers In this CFD broker comparison,
The easiest way to choose the right CFD Broker